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  • 1 h 30 min
  • $95-$150
  • Springfield, VA

Service Description

Is your furbaby very anxious and difficult to groom? The grooming process can be very stressful for dogs that are anxious or reactive when being groomed. Here are some of the strategies we use for a less stressful groom for our “special behavior” clients: • Providing breaks during the grooming process. This allows your dog to decompress if grooming becomes too stressful. • Letting you hold your pet during grooming. Allowing you to hold your pet during the grooming process helps avoid having to use a neck tether. • Feeding yummy treats. We employ positive reinforcement by having owners feed their dogs a steady flow of treats during the grooming process to distract them from the stress of the groom. The cost of the grooming session depends on the level of difficulty and time it takes to groom your dog. Grooming for dogs who are wiggly and difficult to manage during the groom will usually cost between $85-$100. Grooming for growly and reactive dogs will cost between $115-$150. We will call you to discuss your dog’s behavior and needs prior to your grooming date. For more information on this special grooming service, visit

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