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Trimming the Fur

Grooming for Anxious Dogs

Service Information


Grooming a dog who is anxious or reactive can be very stressful for dog owners and their dogs! Here are some extra benefits we provide our “special behavior” clients:


  • Breaks during the grooming process. This allows your dog to decompress during the grooming process. We allow you to hold your pet during the grooming process to avoid having to tether your dog around the neck.

  • Yummy treats! Clients will feed their dogs a steady flow of yummy treats during the grooming process to distract their dogs from the stress of the groom. 


The cost of the grooming session depends on the level of difficulty and time it takes to groom your dog. Dogs who are wiggly and difficult to manage during the groom will usually cost around $95. Dogs who are more growly and reactive during the grooming process will cost $125. We will call you to discuss your dog prior to your grooming date.


Service FAQ for Anxious Dogs

Will my anxious dog be completely groomed at the end of the grooming service?


A majority of the special needs grooming dogs we groom will be completely groomed by the end of the visit. There is a chance that your dog is so overwhelmed during the grooming process that we may not be able to reach areas that are extra sensitive to your dog, or we may skip giving them a bath. We will be able to do a better assessment after your first grooming visit.

What kind of treats should I bring to the appointment?


We ask that clients bring food their pets go crazy for. Most kibble-type treats work at home for regular training sessions, but the extra stress at the grooming session requires extra yummy food to desensitize your dog during their grooming service.   A high-quality treat is different than average dog biscuits. The high-quality treat is something your dog dreams about at night or fantasizes about as you cook dinner for your family. It’s something they go CRAZY for. Here are some examples of high-quality treats:


· Cooked Meat that you think your foster dog will love

· Sandwich turkey (low fat and easy to crumble)

· Cheese (cubed into very small pieces)


Does my pet need sedation medication for their grooming session?


We advise clients to consult with their veterinary doctor to come up with a behavioral plan that includes sedation medication for their pets. We recommend testing out any medications at home first to ensure there are no adverse reactions at the grooming appointment.


Will my dog be around other dogs during the grooming process?


Because the grooming session is very stressful on your dog, your dog will not be groomed around other dogs.


Do you offer shorter grooming sessions? Yes, the cost is $50-$60.

The cost includes:
Feet Hair Trimming
Facial Hair Trimming
Genital Area Trimming
Ear Cleaning


Resource Links:


Hire a doctor of animal behavior here:

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