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Zen Grooming was started to offer affordable, low-stress, safe grooming to dogs that are hard to groom due to behavioral or physical issues. Our head groomer and founder, Sabina Poinelli has over 20 years’ experience in dog grooming, canine behavioral training, and dog rescue.


In her work as a dog rescuer,  Sabina discovered that safety and affordability are the main factors in why some fearful dogs are not groomed regularly. Many groomers will refuse to groom a dog who has bitten or has tried to bite them in the past, so owners are forced to keep looking for new groomers. Some owners have to resort to having the grooming done in a veterinary office under anesthesia--a costly procedure. And many dogs become very stressed during the grooming process, making their owners delay grooming visits to avoid upsetting their dog.


Sabina founded Zen Grooming to fill the need she saw for affordable, low-stress, and safe grooming as an alternative to grooming in a traditional setting like a pet salon--particularly for hard-to-groom or anxious dogs. There are many good groomers around but not all know how to handle difficult dogs. This is where Zen Grooming excels. As a result, local dog trainers, behaviorists, and vets often refer hard-to-groom dogs to us.

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