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Free Groom Grants for Extremely Matted Dogs

Do you or someone you know have an extremely matted dog? Fur that becomes matted can cause serious health issues for a dog: 


  • Even mild hair mats can cause uncomfortable skin irritation. More serious matting can lead to infected lesions. 

  • Fleas and ticks can live deep in the mat—undetected by an owner.

  • Mats around the hind end can trap feces. 

  • More severe mats can cause wounds that cut off circulation on a limb.

The more mats a dog has, the more expensive a professional groom is because the groomer has to remove each mat manually, and the groom takes longer. We know that many people cannot keep up with the high grooming charges out there today, and because of that, their dogs have sometimes gone years without being groomed. If you know someone who has an extremely matted dog, let them know that you know a dog-loving groomer who can help. Let them know we don’t judge—we only help dogs!  Email us at for more information. 

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